Vacation Rental Marketing Guide

Want to know how to market your vacation rental? We’ve put together this Vacation Rental Marketing Guide to help you make your property stand out. The vacation rental marketplace is more competitive than it’s ever been. And as the market becomes even more crowded, it’s becoming more and more important to effectively market your property. Read more

Niche Vacation Rental Listing Sites

Listing on popular platforms like Airbnb and VRBO is a great way to get exposure and more bookings. But as a vacation rental owner, you might benefit from identifying smaller, more niche listing sites. These sites have less traffic overall, but they are also less competitive, and the traffic is more targeted and specific. If Read more

Top 10 Blogs Every Airbnb Host Should Follow

Whether you are new to the Airbnb world of vacation rentals or are the most senior Superhost, there is always value in staying up to date with the latest information. We are hard at work creating future content for the Floorspace blog to bring you, but in the mean time, here is a list of Read more